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Products and Services Offered

  • Amplifiers
  • Audio Accessories
  • Cables
  • DACs
  • Headphone amps
  • Phono Pre-amplifiers
  • Pre-amplifiers

New Products:

Product Name: DirectStream P20 Power Plant
Manufacturer: PS Audio
The DirectStream P20 Power Plant is the biggest-ever power regenerator, from the company that invented the product category. With 2X the output devices and reserve capacity, and half the output impedance of our P10, the P20 will improve even the largest systems. 
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Price Range: $9,999 US
Product Release Date: April 2, 2018
Location at AXPONA: Room Journey/Creation




Product Name: Sprout 100
Manufacturer: PS Audio
Sprout100 is the next generation of Sprout, PS Audio's compact phono preamp/DAC/amp/headphone amp. Power output is doubled from the original Sprout and a remote control is now standard. Sprout100 is the basis for a complete compact system.
Price Range: $599
Product Release Date: April13, 2018
Location at AXPONA: Room Journey/Creation