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For over 20 years, Channel D has designed and manufactured products encompassing the analog and digital worlds. The renowned Pure Vinyl™ (high resolution LP to digital) and Pure Music® software established Channel D’s reputation for expertise in high-end computer audio. Our award-winning Lino™ and ultrawideband Seta® Model L (Stereophile Class “A” and Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice) and our latest Lino C and state-of-the-art Seta L20 transimpedance current mode phono preamps feature balanced, direct coupled design and rechargeable AGM battery power, delivering a velvet black noise floor punctuated by breathtaking dynamics, fullness, and incredible clarity and definition.

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Saturday, April 13th, @ 5:00PM, Utopia D Room: Going from wax to the max - a vinyl ripping seminar. Channel D’s Director of Engineering, Rob Robinson, will cover everything you need to know about making outstanding high resolution digital recordings of LP records. Linking analog vinyl playback with high-resolution digital audio has never been easier. The combination delivers stunning, transparent playback quality plus the convenience of computer audio: for example, portability, no more listening interruptions flipping 45 RPM LP reissues or multi-LP sets, etc. But by far, the primary goal is not convenience; rather, it’s making recordings that are indistinguishable from the original LPs - or better. Hint: it’s about fully preserving the dynamics and tonal balance, not through background or impulse noise reduction, but by combining the strengths of analog LPs with those of high resolution digital audio. Featuring a live, step by step demonstration, this seminar will cover everything you need to know about transferring vinyl LPs to high resolution digital audio files: hardware selection for digital recording, the differences between analog tape and digital recording, audio storage strategies, editing and much more, interspersed with Q&A.