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High Fidelity Services


Company Information and Description

Welcome to High Fidelity Services! It is our sincere hope that our exhibits convey our passion for the best in reproduction of the musical arts to our friends, partners and new first-time attendees. Our import and distribution services are distinguished by a unique personal approach in solving retail business and audio system challenges given our extensive industry and business experience. Our products from Verity Audio, Neat Acoustics, Trilogy Audio Systems, Vibex, Signal Projects, Analogueworks and Hannl and are carefully selected based upon performance and reliability, along with the history and character of the manufacturer. Call us for a refreshing prospective!

Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways

To honor the debut launch of Verity Audio's new debut speaker, the "Lakme", an introductory retail price of $11,195 will be in affect for preorders through April 30. (The retail price beginning May 1 will be $13,995.) Additional show specials will include preorder discounts for Neat Acoustics' new "Xkstra" loudspeaker as well as discounts on our other represented brands as available.