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Nokturne Audio is the importer and North American distributor for the exceptionally musical Lejonklou HiFi Ltd. electronics and Harmoni Hi-Fi racks both from Sweden, and manufacturer of the NOKTable lightweight turnable stand. Nokturne Audio was founded and is owned by Thomas O'Keefe, known widely as ThomasOK, a respected Linn Sondek LP12 setup guru with over 40 years of turntable and system setup experience. The goal of Thomas and Nokturne Audio is to bring the most musically enjoyable and engaging products to the attention of music lovers, through skillful dealers wishing to provide the best listening experience at honest prices.

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Nokturne Audio and Lejonklou HiFi Ltd. are announcing the new $42,000 a pair SINGularity Monoblock MC phono stages encased in CNC machined chassis of 100% pure copper. These units allow a level of engagement and transmission of musical nuance from your records through the best MC cartridges that is unparalleled. They are publicly shown in North America for the first time at Axpona 2019. In addition we will be covering the other end of the spectrum with the Lejonklou reference Slipsik 7 MM phono stage, also demonstrated at Axpona 2019 for the first time in North America. Successor to the Slipsik 5.1 Michael Fremer raved about in Stereeophile, it takes MM cartridge musicality to new levels of performance for only $1795. These will be demonstrated in a system with Lejonklou Sagatun Mono 1.4 preamps and Tundra Mono 2.2 power amps. It is quite interesting to hear a system where the ground planes of both channels are completely separate from the MC cartridge all the way through to the speakers! Expect to hear music like you haven't heard it reproduced before!