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Company Information and Description

LINNENBERG is a manufacturer of fine purist high-end components. Since 1994 the company designs the most demanding digital and analogue circuits. Unsurpassed circuit design plays the most important part in building true high end electronics capable of creating magic moments. We at LINNENBERG are in business for more than 20 years; our experience expands from chips to tubes and from rugged professional audio to delicate high end audio. LINNENBERG products are entirely manufactured in Germany. Each component is carefully hand-assembled. Quality control is assured by a rigorous testing procedure, as well as a meticulous inspection process. Specifications are not the most important factor in creating fine audiophile gear. But strictly neglecting technical aspects isn’t the right way either. Our motto is to make every single spec at least 10 times better than what is actually required and finding a perfect harmony. It is absolutely worthless to offer a product, shining in one or two aspects, while failing to deliver in other areas. Yes, the human ear is always the final judgment, but not as a cheap excuse for flawed engineering.