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Company Information and Description

Pneupod is an innovative and ingenious pneumatic isolation device developed by Pneuance Audio. This product uses air compression as its major isolation method. The rubber diaphragm is a clever way of containing the air and allowing it to isolate in all planes. with drastic improvements sound.The Pneupod device decouples and isolate) the attached component from the platform on which it sits. This is in contrast to devices designed to couple to the platform. Spikes (made of aluminum, wood, brass, ceramic, carbon fiber, stainless steel, etc.) tend to rigidly couple the component to its platform.

Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways

Special demonstrations of the Pneupod feet will be done throughout the show at regular intervals. Pneuance will have 3 world premieres during their show, by launching the following new components. Heavy duty Pneupod feet which can handle 40 lbs each. Pneupad: introducing new stylish Isolation platforms great at improving the sound of components that can be used with or without the Pneupod feet. Pneustand: stylish audiophile racks made of the same great materials as the isolation platforms.