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The vast majority of loudspeakers, while offering very good performance, use the same basic technology. German Physiks adopts a unique approach which gives our designs some useful advantages. All German Physiks loudspeakers use a unique proprietery driver called the DDD driver. This is an ultra-wide bandwidth, omnidirectional driver that uses pistonic, bending wave and modal radiation. It typically covers the range from about 200Hz to 24kHz, which allows elimination of the crossover point in the mid-band, as found in almost every other loudspeaker design. This yields a major improvement in coherence and clarity, which is especially noticeable in the purity of vocal reproduction. The DDD driver has a very low moving mass, producing excellent transient response, so percussion has the speed and snap to sound really authentic. In addition the DDD driver is phase linear across its operating range, so the tonal characteristics of voices and instruments are accurately reproduced. Because the DDD driver is omnidirectional and has a very wide operating bandwidth, German Physiks loudspeakers produce well-focused stereo images that can be enjoyed from a wide range of positions in the listening room - just like in a concert. This contrasts with the small "sweet spot" that most conventional loudspeaker designs produce. Consequently you are not tied to sitting one spot in order to hear the best sound and long listening sessions with German Physiks loudspeakers are fatigue free - just like in a concert.

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Holger Mueller, founder and managing director of German Physiks will be on hand to answer questions about his company's loudspeakers. Laurence Borden, President of Distinctive Stereo LLC, U.S.Importer of German Physiks Merrill Wettasinghe, Owner and designer of Merrill Audio.

Location: Lower Level - Burton