Exhibitor Detail


Products and Services Offered

  • Amplifiers
  • Audio Accessories
  • Cables
  • CD Players
  • DACs
  • Dealer
  • Entry level system (under $5,000) on active display in room
  • Headphone amps
  • Headphones
  • Phono Accessories
  • Phono Cartridges
  • Phono Pre-amplifiers
  • Pre-amplifiers
  • Racks, platforms and stands
  • Speakers
  • Tonearms
  • Turntables
  • Vacuum Tube Electronics

Special Events / Show Specials / Giveaways

Special Event / VIP Appearance: Each day at 12:00, Garth Leerer, President of Musical Surroundings, will be in the Needle Doctor Room, 550, to give a training seminar on the Clearaudio Innovation Wood Compact turntable and HANA phono cartridges.

Show Special: HANA CARTRIDGE OFFER! Trade in any cartridge to get a discount on a brand new HANA at the show! HANA EL and EH: $400 HANA SL and SH: $650

Location: 550