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Company Information and Description

64 Audio makes world class custom and universal-fit earphones with the revolutionary apex technology (air pressure exchange). With apex the sound is dramatically improved across the spectrum, the soundstage is more expansive than ever before, and the technology is versatile allowing for a selection of isolation levels — all while minimizing ear fatigue.

Recently, 64 Audio launched 3 new flagship models, the tia Fourté, the A18 Tzar, and U18 Tzar. The new models introduce the patent pending tia (tubeless in-ear audio), an industry first technology featuring a tubeless system with the all-new tia drivers. By eliminating tubes and sound altering dampers, the sound produced by the tia drivers is able to disperse freely and effortlessly, and travel to the ear in a more natural way. The absence of sound restricting tubes yields an incredibly smooth and musical frequency response.

Products on display:
tia Fourté
A-Series Custom-Fit earphones
U-Series Universal-Fit earphones
Both series have products ranging from 2-drivers models to 18-drivers (in each ear)

Products and Services Offered

  • Entry level system (under $5,000) on active display in room
  • Headphones