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Products and Services Offered

  • DACs
  • Headphone amps
  • Portable Music Players

New Products:

Product Name: HA-300 Tube Headphone Amplifier 
Manufacturer: Cayin Audio
Exotic Class A Direct Heated Triodes Tube Headphone Amplifier, 300B + 6SN7, impedance matched balanced headphone output, multi-stages tube rectified outboard power supply 
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Price Range: $3999
Product Release Date: May 2018
Location at AXPONA: Expo Hall Booth 433




Product Name: N8 Digital Audio Player
Manufacturer: Cayin Audio
N8 is our ultimate portable Digital Audio Player, we spend 2 years to create the player with audio performance and design implementation that we are proud with.
Price Range: TBC
Product Release Date: May 2018
Location at AXPONA: Expo Hall Booth 433+435