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New Products:

Product Name: Timbre & Luces Pro Amplifier INT35W​
Manufacturer: Timbre & Luces
The Pro Amp INT35W Amplifier is a Pure Class A High Resolution Solid State Stereo Integrated Amplifier system. This amplifier has the latest technology that raises the standard in audio reproduction. Noise and distortion levels are extremely low, virtually nonexistent.
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Price Range: $7,000 - $12,000
Release Date: April 13, 2018
Location at AXPONA: Room 590




Product Name: 32-Bit Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC
Manufacturer: Timbre & Luces
This 32-Bit Hi-Resolution Digital to Analogue Converter has low distortion & low noise 127dB. Our DAC is great sound quality playing hi-res music files.
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Price Range: $999
Product Release Date: 4/13/2018
Location at AXPONA: Room 590