APRIL 24-26, 2015
APRIL 24-26, 2015
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Show Specials, Giveaways, Special Happenings/Demos...

Updates to this page are happening regularly. Check back to see what new and exciting things our exhibitors will be doing at AXPONA!

Show Specials:

Buy a 3-pair pack of Comply Tips and get another pair of tips for free!
Company: Comply Foam     Location: Ear Gear Expo

Our very popular ""Subwoofer Module SW2"" will be sold at our lowest price ever of $59. Normally $79. This device restores transients that were clipped by the low-pass filter. It is guaranteed to improve your sound system! Use with JL Audio, Velodyne, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Paradigm, Sunfire, SVS, REL and JBL Subwoofers. We will also raffle a few of these at $5 per ticket, with a one in 10 chance of winning.
Company: US Soundlabs     Location: The Marketplace

Purchase the M2Tech Young DSD and receive the Van der Graaf multi sequence power supply at no extra cost.
Company: Source Systems     Location: Room 402

15% off the new aria mini!
Company: Source Systems     Location: Room 402

Nordost products will be available at a special discounted rate (in The Marketplace). This incredible offer includes all of Nordost cables, QRT power products, resonance control devices and other hifi accessories.
Company: Nordost     Location: The Marketplace


Giveaway of a 45 box; a wooden container to hold 45's and small audio accessories.
Company: Brokenpress Design+Fabrication     Location: The Marketplace

Nordost Giveaway! The winner of our show raffle will receive a 2 meter Blue Heaven Power Cord valued at $314.00 for FREE!
Company: Nordost     Location: The Marketplace

Free swag! Come by the room to get the goods.
Company: Wyred 4 Sound     Location: Lower Level - Sherman

Morrow Giveaway! $1,000 Pair of Morrow Audio MA6 Grand Reference Interconnects. The Grand Reference series offers the ultimate in music realism, detail retrieval and the uncanny ability to reveal the subtle tonal shadings between instruments, even instrument brands. The MA6 excels in all aspects of the musical presentation, soundstage and instrument separation, providing breathtaking realism. The musicality, ebb and flow are effortless! Also, pick up your free Morrow Audio - AXPONA tradeshow bag for LPs and other materials
Company: Morrow Audio     Location: The Marketplace

Special Happenings/Demos:

Free demo's for all earphone tips and custom wraps. Bring your own earphones/IEM's and put Comply Tips on them, or try ours!
Company: Comply Foam     Location: Ear Gear Expo

Nordost will be conducting a series of demonstrations and comparisons throughout our cable ranges, QRT devices and Sort Systems. This is the perfect opportunity to not only hear the difference a cable can make, but experience the improvements to sound quality as specific elements are added to cable design. Feel free to stop by for a presentation from one of our product trainers at any time throughout the show!
Company: Nordost     Location: The Marketplace


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