Exhibitor Giveaways, Special Events and Demos...

  • AudioThesis

    US premiere of the MastersounD BoX
  • Avantgarde Acoustics

    We are proud to introduce, for the first time in North America, the all new Avantgarde Acoustic Germany Trio XD horn loudspeaker system with BassHorns.
  • Cambridge Audio

    Showcasing our new Edge Series of products
  • Comply Foam

    We are providing FREE memory foam earphone tip replacements to anyone who stops by! Just bring (or tell us) your favorite set of in-ear headphones and we will give you a pair of compatible ComplyT Foam tips so you can experience the ultimate earphone upgrade. With ComplyT tips, you get a better seal, comfortable wear, amazing passive noise isolation and a perfect custom fit.
  • Synergistic Research

    Customers can participate in A/B demonstrations of many Synergistic Research products, performed by lead designer Ted Denney, every half hour.

    After hearing the benefits of Synergistic Research products, customers are invited next door to Scott Walker Audio's room to see the products up close and ask questions.