Exhibitor Giveaways, Special Events and Demos...

  • Audio Envy Cables

    Celebrating our award-winning release of the V2 ToneKraft headphone cable!

    Stop by our EXPO Booth for a precision AB demo.  Cans and Cables for HD 800, HD 650, Audeze, Hi-Fi Man, on-site. 

     10 years of signal transmission R&D have brought us to ToneKraft! By  removing 1900pF of signal altering capacitance, anybody can enjoy effortless organic sound! Quality hand craftsmanship, made in the USA! Built upon the physics of how electricity adapts to its medium.

  • AudioThesis

    US premiere of the MastersounD BoX
  • Avantgarde Acoustics

    Armin Krauss (head technical advisor) will be in attendance to answer any questions and to explain the advancements of the XD series. Armin Krauss will be discussing the new HRM (Holographic Room Measurement) system. This system will enable Avantgarde owners with the XD series to optimize the performance of Avantgarde speakers in any listening environment.
  • Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.

    Benchmark will be giving away a $1700 DAC to a lucky show attendee. Stop by one of the Benchmark locations to register for a chance to win a Benchmark DAC. Visit us in EXPO HALL - Ear Gear Expo (booth 243), Room 670, and 1 - Schaumburg A.
  • Cambridge Audio

    As always providing a warm and inviting room with liquid hospitality; 2018 is our 50th Anniversary!
  • Comply Foam

    We are providing FREE memory foam earphone tip replacements to anyone who stops by! Just bring (or tell us) your favorite set of in-ear headphones and we will give you a pair of compatible ComplyT Foam tips so you can experience the ultimate earphone upgrade. With ComplyT tips, you get a better seal, comfortable wear, amazing passive noise isolation and a perfect custom fit.
  • Convergent Audio Technology

    Mini Seminar:
    "The Importance of Emotional Responsiveness in a Home Audio System"
    presented by Ken Stevens, Convergent Audio Technology
    Attendees will receive a demo CD with three pieces played in the seminar, plus some great extras!

    Friday & Saturday, every hour on the hour, from 12 pm - 5 pm.
    Sunday, every hour on the hour, from 12pm - 3pm

  • Emotiva

    Emotiva is excited to be back at Axpona 2018! We will have two large rooms full of demos and static displays. Come check out our full Atmos/DTSX audio presentation featuring the XPA Gen3 Amplifiers and the RMC-1 Cinema Processor as well as a 2-Channel demo featuring our XPA DR2 Amplifier and our Airmotiv T2 Loudspeakers. We are bringing a ton of gear so now is your chance to get a look at our full line of X-Series products, our Airmotiv Loudspeakers and Subs, our line of BasX products, and maybe even a few surprises too. We will also be doing daily giveaways for those in attendance! Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand in rooms Shaumburg E & F to give you the best demo experiences and answer any questions you may have.

  • final-S'Next Co., Ltd

    CAMPAIGN 1: Get a free earpiece set by following @final_audio on Instagram and visiting the final booth!

    CAMPAIGN 2: Enter to win final products by visiting the final booth and filling out a survey!

  • Jerry Harvey Audio

    Show specials: . 15% off IEMs. Valid for custom and universal IEMs only. . Free Impressions with any IEM Purchase atAXPONA . Free on-site IEM cleaning for JHAudio IEM owners Universal Giveaway: Stop by our booth to enter to win a set of Roxanne Universal IEMs! Enter to win and Receive 15% Off Your Next IEM Order! 

    We will also be showcasing our Signature Design Series. These stunning and unique designs use special materials and striking color combinations that make any JH model even more special. Materials like Copper, Abalone, or breathtaking Bocote wood, these designs will make your next set stand out from the crowd!

  • JVC

    Be among the FIRST to experience JVC's REVOLUTIONARY EXOFIELD technology.  EXOFIELD replicates the acoustic space of a room in a pair of headphones.  EXOFIELD headphones make you feel like you're in front of fine stereo speakers, with the sound coming at you.  JVC factory engineers will CUSTOM measure and create an algorithm based on your individual results using proprietary microphones and software.  EXOFIELD makes possible what has been seemingly impossible . . .a headphone experience that is not binaural.


    By Appointment Only.

    Click here to Schedule My Unique Custom Experience

  • Kyomi Audio

    Alongside the full Gryphon system during regular show hours,, Kyomi Audio will be demonstrating Gryphon Mojo S Reference speakers paired with the pure class A Jadis i50 integrated tube amplifier (50W/CH, upgraded Jadis teflon capacitors). Room 1528, Thursday and Friday, 6pm-7pm. 

  • Okki Nokki

    Okki Nokki / VANA, Ltd:

    Visit us in Room 370 to register to win an Award Winning Okki Nokki RCM II Record Cleaning Machine with a Free Dustcover! ( A $549.00 value). Everyone will receive a free Revolv Goat's Hair Record Cleaning Brush for wet cleaning :) just for registering.

  • Perfect Vinyl Forever

    Perfect Vinyl Forever's Steve Evans will present "Record Care for Maximum Sonic Enjoyment" in the AXPONA Master Class Theater on April 13 from 1:00 - 1:45 PM.

  • RUELaudio

    We will demo and sell the world first full-range, one-way, cross-over free, modular, line-source speaker. It is a system which includes the speakers and the system controller (amplifier/digital signal processor).

  • SOTA Turntables aka SOTA Sound Inventions, LLC

    SOTA Turntables is celebrating a new beginning! As of January 2, 2018, SOTA Sales & Service has become SOTA Sound Inventions, LLC. Come meet Christan Griego, SOTA's new Director of Development and Marketing. 

    SOTA's new Director of Development and Marketing, Christan Griego, will be on hand to discuss everything SOTA old and new at this year's AXPONA.. Experience first-hand Christan's new product developments and vision for re-branding SOTA's heritage turntable line. If you have ever wanted to give input into a product's development? Now's the time

  • SOtM

    SOtM will be having a demonstration for SOtM's first master clock, sCLK-OCX10, two separate times each day. Attendees will be able to see the direct comparison of sound with the sCLK-OCX10 versus sound without the sCLK-OCX10 during the demonstration. The audience will simply hear the higher level of sound offered by sCLK-EX.

    SOtM's Mr.Kamal will be leading the demonstrations and will be presenting on the digital audio world. Any question during the sessions are highly welcomed.

  • Synergistic Research

    A/B Demonstrations every hour of many Synergistic Research products including the world premiere of the new Atmosphere X series interconnects and speaker cables.

    After hearing the benefits of Synergistic Research products, customers are invited next door to Scott Walker Audio's room to see the products up close and ask questions.

  • The Voice That Is

    The Voice That Is is proud to present Jorn Janczak of TIDAL Audio. He will be attending the show and attendees can look forward to listening to the TIDAL CEO speak in a VIP appearance in The Voice That Is location; Room 446. 

  • United Home Audio

    The Legendary United Home Audio After Hours Analog Tape Events!

    UHA will be playing New-Gen Master Tape copies in the Nirvana B room. Will have lots of new tapes this year! Friday Night 8:00 PM - till . . . and Saturday Night 8:00 PM - till . . .


    UHA Synergistic Research Event ​

    United Home Audio and Synergistic Research will also be having the “Legendary UHA After Hours Tape Events” in the Synergistic Research room (Schaumburg Room) at the 2018 Axoina Show.

    It will start at 8pm and go till late on both Friday and Saturday nights.

  • US Soundlabs

    US Soundlabs' Frank Urban will present Subwoofer Integration for music in the AXPONA Master Class Theater
    Two lucky attendees will win our SW2 - signal conditioner for subwoofers!
  • Wynn Audio

    Cartridge alignment: hear the difference
    Seminar by Micha Huber (Thales Audio), Axpona 2018, Floor Two, Utopia C
    Friday, April 13th: 3pm
    Saturday, April 14th: 3pm
    Sunday, April 15th: 11am

    Vinyl playback is a complex interaction of many mechanical factors. Various parts are composed to work together in order to convert the LP-groove into an electrical signal. During this seminar, we will not only focus on the theoretical principals, but get a specific listening on the impact of cartridge- and tonearm- adjustment.
    A sophisticated setup allows us to demonstrate specific errors on the same turn-table, which makes this seminar a unique experience.