Show Specials, Giveaways, Special Events/Demos...

  • Aaudio Imports

    Finite Elemente:

    40% off all CeraBase footers until supplies last.

    Location: 638

  • AIX Records

    The major announcement this year is the availability of Dr. Mark Waldrep's new book ''Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound'' — the industry's first no-nonsense, information book on the world of high-end audio.

    Location: Lobby Level - Lakeshore B

  • Aluminous Audio

    Aluminous Audio / Madera Handcrafted is offering a free ultrasonic cleaning of your favorite vinyl record! Just bring your record to our room for ultrasonic cleaning on the KL Audio record cleaner. Please, one record per person.

    Location: 542

  • AmCan Audio

    Listen to our CNF Isolators and Silicon Cast Analog Cables with Head Amplifiers from different manufacturers. We will be featuring a Space-Tech Laboratory 32 bit 384Khz DSD compatible USB DAC with Mullard EL32 Output Stage, an Audible Illusions L1 Line Stage / Head Amp with all Jupiter Capacitors, and a Korneff 45 Tube Amplifier featuring all Jensen Copper Capacitors, Dueland Graphite/Silver resistors and EML output tubes. The User will be able to listen to the audio signal through all 3 stages and compare the sound quality.

    Location: The Marketplace

  • Audio Solutions of Indy

    Giveaway! JBL Pulse Portable Speaker

    Location: 3rd Floor - Rosemont 4

  • AudioEnvy Cables

    Up to 40% off of American innovated and USA manufactured signal technology! 

    Live A/B demonstration of AudioEnvy technology versus other competing signal paths. Experience low electrical filtration.

    Location: The Marketplace

  • Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.

    Stop by to find out about the day's ""Show Special"".

    Benchmark will be giving away a free DAC2L D-to-A Converter valued at $1695! Stop by our table outside Lakeshore B  to register for a chance to WIN!

    Visit the Lakeshore B Room for a special surround sound demonstration of hi-res music by AIX Records using Benchmark Electronics.

    Location: Lobby Level - Lakeshore B

  • Comply Foam - Premium Earphone Tips

    Stop by to try our Comply™ Foam tips and walk away with a free set of tips for your earphones/IEMs. Hear immersive audio like never before.

    Location: Ear Gear Expo

  • Distinctive Stereo LLC

    VIP Appearance: Holger Mueller, founder and managing director of German Physiks will be on hand to answer questions about his company's loudspeakers. Laurence Borden, President of Distinctive Stereo LLC, U.S.Importer of German Physiks Merrill Wettasinghe, Owner and designer of Merrill Audio

    We will be playing first generation copies of 15 i.p.s. analog master tapes using an extensively modified Tascam 3030 professonal open reel tape machine. Both will provided by Jonathan Horwich of International Phonograph Inc who specialize in producing high quality jazz recordings for music lovers.

    Location: Lower Level - Burton

  • final

    Get a free earpiece set by following us on Instagram and visiting ""final"" booth at H1. Enter to win final products (F7200/Sonorous III) by visiting ""final"" booth (H1) and filling out a survey. We will randomly select the winners after the show and the PRIZEWINNER will be contacted via Instagram!

    Location: Ear Gear Expo

  • German Physiks Loudspeakers

    Holger Mueller, founder and managing director of German Physiks will be on hand to answer questions about his company's loudspeakers. Laurence Borden, President of Distinctive Stereo LLC, U.S.Importer of German Physiks Merrill Wettasinghe, Owner and designer of Merrill Audio.

    Location: Lower Level - Burton

  • Gershman Acoustics

    Every day 10 CD Give away!

    Show Special:
    Grande Avant Garde G2 $9,000
    Gershman Studio ll $2,700

    Location: Room 320

  • Legacy Audio

    Legacy Audio will host daily demonstrations in the Lobby Level Madison room titled ''Improving the Way We Listen.'' Legacy Chief Designer, Bill Dudleston, will provide an informative discussion on the exciting new technologies to extract the most from your recordings. Demonstrations will be at 11am, 2pm & 4pm on Friday & Saturday and at 11am & 2pm on Sunday.

    Location: Lobby Level - Madison

  • MarkAudio - SOTA

    MarkAudio-SOTA’s medium-sized, two-way bookshelf speaker utilizes custom all-range symmetric driver technology to create a full range loudspeaker that encourages listeners to “Hear Our Difference.” To celebrate their launch into the US Market with 3 unique loudspeaker products, available on, MarkAudio-SOTA will be giving away a pair of their Cesti B speakers (a $1,895.00 value) to one lucky attendee of their AXPONA demo in room #522. 

    A simple control network complements the custom drivers, delivering music to the listeners while minimizing artificial processing. The speakers use a Billow waveguide baffle for optimum dispersion in practical room environments. Styled with a clean, minimalist industrial design, the speakers are produced in a finely lacquered finish at a level that is rarely seen at this price. Available in three colors (black, red and white) they are suitable for everything from stereo to home theatre and small studio use.

  • Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC

    Giveaway - ANAP Cold Welded Speaker Cables valued at $1,049. Enter your name in our drawing. No need to be present to win.

    Master Tapes from International Phonograph played on Reel to Reel. Thurs, Fri, Sat 6pm to 7pm. Listen to the fabulous sounds of Jonathon Horwich's skilled recordings. Jonathon has done been recording for decades in LA and now in Chicago.

    Location: Lower Level - Burton

  • Meze Audio

    Attendees will be able to test out Meze Audio's latest release, the Meze 99 Neo. This model is an edgy counterpart of the Meze 99 Classics, the educated punk if you may. Sound wise similar to the Meze 99 Classics but not afraid to elegantly stand out.

    Location: Ear Gear Expo

  • Mojo Audio

    All components exhibited in our room will be available after the show as demos at a substantial discount. There will also be special discounts on any new components ordered at the show.

    Location: Lower Level - Clark

  • Morrow Audio

    Take 30% and more off all cables at our booth! 60 day returns. Location: The Marketplace

    Special Event!
    Friay, April 21 from 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    Larry Mitchell Concert on the Lobby Level in LaSalle B
    There will be a cash bar!


  • Music Direct

    Special AXPONA attendee pricing on a wide variety of popular accessories and music at the largest table display in The Marketplace! Meet your favorite Music Direct Sales Team, and get your most important questions answered!

    In Rosemont 3, meet Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Engineer Shawn Britton, as he discusses the legacy of one of the world's greatest reissue labels, and their recent re-issue of 'Bill Evans - Live At The Village Vanguard', featuring their One-Step Mastering. A listening session of the LP will follow. Visit Rosemont 3 for times and dates.

    New this year is a three-system, Good/Better/Best presentation of equipment hand selected by the MD team that will offer attendees a chance to hear the diversity of options for them when they shop Music Direct's website and catalog, or visit Music Direct's all-new listening rooms. Demosntrations will be presented by selected Music Direct Staff and Managers, and virtually all the equipment on display will be on sale at special show pricing!


  • Natural-Sound

    20 % off Natural Sounds Anti Vibration Board!

    Location: The Marketplace - Booth 319

  • Needle Doctor

    Special Event / VIP Appearance: Each day at 12:00, Garth Leerer, President of Musical Surroundings, will be in the Needle Doctor Room, 550, to give a training seminar on the Clearaudio Innovation Wood Compact turntable and HANA phono cartridges.

    Show Special: HANA CARTRIDGE OFFER! Trade in any cartridge to get a discount on a brand new HANA at the show! HANA EL and EH: $400 HANA SL and SH: $650

    Location: 550

  • Prism Sound

    Prism Sound is delighted to offer all AXPONA visitors the chance to purchase the highly reviewed DAC, Headphone Amplifier and PreAmplifier - CALLiA - at the amzaing show special price of $2250.

    On Sunday any remaining stock will be offered for purchase at the astonishingly low price of $1999!

    Location: Room 312 and Ear Gear Expo

  • REDGUM Audio

    GIVEAWAY: REDGUM Black Signature Series RGi35ENR Integrated - 65WPC - Hi-current, solid state, MOSFET, 36lb amplifier valued at $2500. To mark its debut at AXPONA, and presenting as part of ""Down Under Audio"", REDGUM Audio welcomes all visitors to Room 532 to register to win this ""Stunning!"" amplifier. Drawn there at 3pm Sunday, it would be great if you were nearby to collect your prize.

    As Aussies, we hang by our feet "in a land Down Under", so when designing amps, why not have the heat sink Down Under?! For a visual ... or

    Location: Room 532


  • Smyth Research

    Join us for Realiser A16 Demonstration at AXPONA 2017!

    Smyth Research is pleased to announce it will be demonstrating the Realiser A16 at the upcoming Axpona Show. Listeners will be invited to compare a real 7.1.4 ch loudspeaker home theater system with a personalized virtual rendering of the same system over headphones using Dolby Atmos demonstration soundtracks as source material. Demonstrations will run all day throughout the 3 day show.

    Reserve your time slot here:  Click here to reserve your demonstration.

    Location: 622


  • Snake River Audio

    ''Lighten the Load'' specials - We don't want to haul it back. Discounted rates for all demo equipment used at the show.

    Location: 454

  • Sonist Audio

    ''Lighten the Load'' specials - We don't want to haul it back. Discounted rates for all demo equipment used at the show.

    Room: 454

  • Synergistic Research

    Will be offering many show specials including Cables, power conditioning, acoustic treatments and more.

    Owner and Lead designer Ted Denney will be giving demonstrations throughout each day.  Come by to listen to the A/B comparisons.

    Location: Lower Level - Seneca

  • The Voice That Is

    Meet Jörn Janczak, CEO of TIDAL Audio. Jörn will be attending AXPONA for the first time and will also be available to meet  TIDAL owners and interested individuals during show hours. Due to the success of TIDAL products on the international stage, this is his first public US visit since 2012.

    Location: 342






  • UltraSonic Records

    Purchase a complete V-8 Record Cleaning System and get a $200.00 discount at the show.

    Bring us one of your records and receive a free UltraSonic V-8 cleaning.

    Live continuous demonstrations during the 3 day show.

    We usually have the best candy at our booth!!!

    Location: The Marketplace

  • United Home Audio 1/4"" Tape Deck

    MBL North America and United Home Audio will present the, "Legendary After Hours Analog Tape Events" at Axpona 2017 in the lower level Schiller Room!
    Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8:00pm.
    These events have become a staple at high end audio shows and a great opportunity to listen to all of your favorite music via ANALOG TAPE.
    This year Greg & Jeremy will have lots of exciting new music you won't want to miss.
    It was standing room only last year so we'll start early this year at 8:00pm and will go till way past your bedtime! 

    Location: Lower Level - Schiller

  • US Soundlabs

    The first 20 people who purchase SW2 (our $70 Pro Bass® plug-in device for subwoofers) will receive a free CD - Tres Hombres. This CD has songs that will amaze when played using Pro Bass®.

    Locaton:The Marketplace

  • Vanatoo

    $299 introductory pricing on the new Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Monitors.

    $50 off on Vanatoo Transparent One.

    Location: 1249

  • VOLYA GmbH

    This year, Volya GmbH in association with High End Society Service GmbH is launching Charity Auction. A new model of Volya GmbH loudspeakers NoLimits is the grand lot. All the money received from the auction will be donated to the Division of Pediatric Ophthalmolgy at the Department of Ophthalmolgy, University Hospital of Saarland (UKS). Get all the details in room 436. Don't miss the chance to become NoLimits speakers' owner!

    Location: 436

  • Von Schweikert Audio

    Enter to Win The Endevour E-3 MkII
    All show attendees will receive a raffle ticket at registration with the chance to win a pair of E-3 MKIIs valued at $8,000!

    Location: Lobby Level - Dearborn









  • Wyred 4 Sound

    Show specials: We will offer incredible show-only specials on our all-new DAC-2v2SE 10th Anniversary DAC, SX-1000R mono amps with special 10th Anniversary silver covers, Recovery USB reclockers, PS-1 linear power supplies and USB cables! Come to room 514 for complete listing and to purchase.

    Location: 514