Brand Category Form

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Dealers and Distributors should fill this form out for each brand they will display in their exhibit space.

Dealers and Distributors should NOT fill this form out for their own company. We will automatically place your company under the dealer of distributor category.

Manufacturers should fill this form out for their own company and pass this along to any partners in the room.

Brand / Manufacturer Name:
This is the name that will display under the product category and also display on the brand index in the Event Guide.
Exhibiting Company Name:
This is the room owner or partnering company name. In many cases this company name is the same as the brand/manufacturer name.
Room / Exhibit Location:
Product Categories:
Your may select up to 8 categories per brand / manufacturer name.
  • Amplifiers
  • Audio Accessories
  • Cables
  • CD Players
  • CDs
  • Computer Audio Software
  • Computer Software - Utility
  • DACs
  • Design Services
  • Headphone amps
  • Headphones
  • Hi Res Downloads
  • Home Theater
  • Music Servers
  • Phono Accessories
  • Phono Cartridges
  • Phono Pre-amplifiers
  • Portable Music Players
  • Pre-amplifiers
  • Publication
  • Racks, platforms and stands
  • Receivers
  • Reel to Reel
  • Room treatments
  • Signal Processors
  • Speakers
  • Tonearms
  • Turntables
  • Vacuum Tube Electronics
  • Vinyl Records
  • Wireless Products

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