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Empty Boxes/Container Storage

If you have additional boxes or crates that need to be removed you will need to make arrangements with AFC by 3:00 PM on Thursday, April 12th. The Storage cost is $125. (up to 4 skid spots). AFC will start doing sweeps for pre-arranged…. empties at 10:00 AM on Thursday, April 12th and will do the final sweep for pre-arranged empties at 4:00 PM on Thursday, April 12th.

Only the empties in the hallway that are pre-arranged for storage will be picked up.
There are no pickup services on Friday, April 13th for empties.

During move out the first empties will start to be returned at 3:00 PM.

AXPONA needs to know how you plan on getting your exhibit materials to the Renaissance. Due: February 23

Are you using AFC?
Will you need access to the Truck Dock?
Are you Hand Carrying?

Please notify Lou Mancini by February 23. You can email him your plans or call him, or 203-416-1926.

Oversized Freight - 48” W x 72” H or larger.

Oversized freight will need to be broken down on the ground level.


Regular sized Pallets (see oversized freight above) will need to be broken down outside the freight elevator on each floor due to the size of the freight elevator exit doors.

Freight Larger than 32” W

Any crate, case or box that is larger than 32” wide will need to be broken down outside the freight elevator on each floor due to the size of the freight elevator exit doors.

Freight Elevator

9’4” High x 5'6" Wide x 7'10” Deep

Need Truck Dock access?

See images below for Truck Dock Location
There will be a schedule for the Truck Dock and you will only have access to the Truck Dock during your scheduled time. Contact Lou Mancini ( if you will need access. Let him know when you would like to have access, how long it will take to unload and details on your freight (# of pieces, weight, etc.)

Hand Carried Items

See images below for Entrances
Any exhibitor may unload/load their own freight when arriving onsite. This starts at 8:00 AM on Thursday, April 12th. Hand Carried items should not exceed 250lbs. As a general rule if you need multiple people to hand carry your items, if your items are large and bulky and are not easily carried, or if you need more than 15 minutes to unload your POV then you should be using AFC LS services for your freight. If you decide not to use our freight forwarder please make sure you bring all necessary tools during the specified hours we assign for your move-in.

Which Entrance Should You Be Using If You Have Freight or Boxes?

All exhibitors who are bringing their own freight and require the use of a hand truck or dolly should use the freight dock door entrance (see pictures below). In the event you can hand carry boxes/items you are allowed to use the regular entrances. The distinction for the hotel is hand trucks/dollies etc vs. hand carrying.

Hand truck/dollies = freight elevators/freight dock door entrance in rear of hotel. AXPONA/The Renaissance does not provide dollies or hand trucks…plan accordingly and bring your own.

Hand carry = regular elevators/regular entrances The hotel will have personnel “policing” the front lobby area, please adhered to the established policy noted above.