“You know you’re an audiophile when”
Video Challenge

AXPONA's video challenge is now closed for entries.  If you have any questions, please contact liz@jdevents.com.


Calling all AXPONA fans and audiophiles!  We want to know what makes you such an avid audiophile and give you a chance to be included in a video that showcases all of the fun, funny and classic characteristics and choices that the entire audiophile community will relate to!

The Challenge:  

Create an original video that completes the sentence “You know you’re an audiophile when” on video.  We are looking for creative and funny answers that the rest of the audiophile community will identify with – or share your over-the-top defining audiophile moment for a big laugh.

Prize & Recognition:

If your submission is used in our final video, you'll receive a $50 american express giftcard!
All selected submissions will be thanked in our youtube video credits.

Deadline:  February 19, 2017

What to do:

  1. Think about your answer.
  2. Find your recording device.  See our recommendations in the “Recording Tips!” section below.
  3. Pick a location.  We recommend a plain background with good lighting – we want to see your face! Or shoot the video in front of your sound system, vinyl collection or wearing your favorite headphones!
  4. Please make sure you don’t wear any shirts or hats with visible logos on them.
  5. Action! Start your video by saying  “You know you are an audiophile when”  and then complete the statement with your answer.  Keep your video to 10 seconds or less!
  6. Upload your video and release form by February 18, 2017.  

Recording Tips!

  1. You are welcome to shoot this video on any device, but shooting on your smartphone is perfect for this!  Formats/File Size accepted include:  1920x1080 or higher in .mp4 or .mov format
  2. Please make sure you are recording in “landscape” mode (holding the phone or other recording device horizontally)
  3. Please hold the camera steady!  Ask the person who is recording to hold the camera as steady as possible when recording.  You can even place it on a tripod or rest it on a shelf or a pile of books!
  4. Make sure we can hear you!  Some background noise is fine, but there should not be any music playing or people shouting, etc. in the background!  We will add our own music for excitement!

Contact Liz Miller at liz@jdevents.com or 203-416-1925.