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Friday, April 13, 2018  |  12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Open to All Attendees!

Music Matters: Why Quality Recordings Are A Sound Investment

Lyn Stanley
, International Recording Artist

International Recording Artist and Audiophile's Sultry Songbird, Jazz Vocalist Lyn Stanley, will take you through the journey of how quality sound recordings are made at the top studios around the country and why/how they are made to make your system sing to its top performance level.  

Lyn Stanley records at the top studios in Hollywood and New York and uses the master of master engineering team of Al Schmitt and Bernie Grundman to mastermind the engineering of her high caliber recordings.  There is a lot of pre-planning and thoughtful management of her recording sessions to achieve the highest level of quality she her recordings have been known and described as "stupendous sound" and "the perfect blend of air and music reproduction dynamics."

Learn the behind the scenes stories on how some artists take their recordings to a level and stop short of making them hit the audiophile quality mark.  You will leave this seminar with a greater level of knowledge of what goes into quality recordings and pressings and the pro forma needed to make even a modest system sound better just by knowing what kind of quality recordings are the best investment.

Lyn will cover analog, digital and reel to reel formats and what goes into her production practices that give her recordings the highest marks on sound by reviewers worldwide.  You won't want to miss this seminar to expand your purchasing knowledge and help you make the right choices and spend your music investment money wisely.