Conference Speaker:

Chad KassemOwnerAcoustic Sounds, Inc, Quality Record Pressings and Super HiRez

Chad Kassem is an audiophile pioneer and foremost champion for the past 30 years of the vinyl LP. Chad's the founder and owner of Acoustic Sounds, Inc.,  the world's largest source for audiophile recordings, as well as Quality Record Pressings, manufacturer of the world's finest LPs. There's also Analogue Productions, a leading audiophile reissue label, and Super HiRez, Chad's hi-res download service.

Up next for Chad and Acoustic Sounds is the addition of reel-to-reel tape to their catalog of reissues. Tape, of course, is not an unfamiliar topic for Acoustic Sounds, as more than 95 percent of the Analogue Productions reissues are sourced from the original analog masters. What's more, Chad's recording studio/concert hall, Blue Heaven Studios, records almost exclusively to half-inch tape. And of course last year, Chad purchased the legendary late Doug Sax's The Mastering Lab, the first independent mastering facility and long regarded as the world's best. Construction is underway to get The Mastering Lab back in operation in Acoustic Sounds' home base of Salina, Kansas.

But this marks the first time that Acoustic Sounds, with a fleet of six ATR tape machines, will bring its expertise to making pre-recorded tape available direct to consumer. Customer demand has been tremendous, and Chad envisions a very successful venture.