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Jim Smith

Audio Consultant & Author, Get Better Sound & Through the Sound Barrier

Jim Smith was the manager of a successful high audio shop in Norfolk VA, selling and installing ARC, McIntosh, Magnepan, Dahlquist, Thorens, etc. One day in 1975, Bill Johnson walked into the shop and offered Jim a position in Sales as well as Customer Service Manager at Audio Research. Jim accepted the position. He and his family moved to Minneapolis.

In 1977, Jim joined Jim Winey at Magnepan as National Sales Mgr. In addition to his sales duties, he wrote the installation manuals for the T-1D and MG series of Magneplanars. He also conducted loudspeaker set-up training for the dealers.

A few years later he opened Audition - his own shop in Birmingham, AL, which received consistent acclaim for the quality of its demos, installations and customer service.

In 1999, Jim became the Avantgarde Acoustic distributor for North America. He produced a booklet called 31 Secrets to Better Sound which was widely accepted and was distributed to over 15,000 US & Canadian audiophiles.

31 Secrets became the basis for Jim’s book (not stopping at 31, it provided 202 tips) and the companion 3-DVD set called Get Better Sound. GBS has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide. Still selling well over 6 years after it debuted in 2008, GBS has received excellent reviews in the audio press.

Jim’s “RoomPlay” and “RoomPlay Reference” voicing service has grown out of requests from GBS readers. His latest project is Through the Sound Barrier (2 books, 2 CDs, and a DVD).

Quarter Note Press is Jim’s publishing company. For more information, visit the Get Better Sound website –