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Paul Reed SmithFounder and Managing General PartnerPaul Reed Smith Guitars

Paul Reed Smith - musician, songwriter and the Founder and Managing General Partner of Paul Reed Smith Guitars, was born in Bethesda, Maryland. He made his first playable guitar for extra credit at St. Mary’s College. In 1985, he turned that positive experience into Paul Reed Smith Guitars. Today the company is the third largest electric guitar manufacturer in America, and their list of artist endorsers reads like a who’s-who list of contemporary musicians. Smith holds almost 100 registered and pending trademarks, several copyrights, and nearly two dozen patents.

Paul Reed Smith presides over research and development of new PRS products, serves as a mentor through motivational lectures to Maryland high school students, cherishes his role as husband and parent and is an accomplished guitarist who, despite his very busy schedule, has played with Carlos Santana, Mark Tremonti, the late Chuck Brown and a host of other notable artists and continues to write, perform and record music with The Paul Reed Smith Band.

In addition to PRS Guitars, Paul is also the Founder of Digital Harmonic™ LLC (2015). The company, which was started in 2015, has developed a proprietary and patented image and waveform technology to develop enhanced sharper x-rays while significantly reducing the amount of radiation exposed to patients and medical providers. The technology is the result of a decade of research that started with Paul Reed Smith’s late father Jack Smith, an applied mathematician. Combining his understanding of precision mathematics and physics together with Paul’s understanding of sound and harmonics from guitar making created this revolutionary technology.

In addition to developing the technology for increasing image resolution for x-rays, Digital Harmonic expects to utilize its patented image, sound and analytic abilities to manufacture products to aid other diagnostic technologies in addition to x-rays including applications in the defense community, which relies on access to precise image analysis. The company is currently in contract negotiations with a major defense contractor for the U.S. Navy.