Conference Speaker:

Andrew JonesVP of EngineeringELAC

My near lifelong passion for audio began in my early teens and quickly became focused on loudspeakers. This led me to study Physics with a special interest in acoustics for my undergrad, followed by six years of postgraduate research in the fields of xover design and active noise cancellation. Subsequently, I joined KEF, initially in the research department looking into such things as measurement techniques and improved prediction of performance from impedance measurements (with the help of Dr. Small. I subsequently became Chief Engineer and worked extensively with concentric driver technology. After 11 years I moved to the USA, at the invitation of Floyd Toole, to work for Infinity. Almost 4 years later I joined Pioneer and TAD where I remained for 17 years. For the last 4 years, I have been the VP of Engineering at ELAC.

I have now been involved with audio for nearly 50 years (yes I am that old...), and still retain my passion.

My interests outside of work are work (LOL), archery and cats and dogs.