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Perfect Vinyl Forever is the first professional record cleaning service to utilize a fifty minute, nine step cleaning process using purpose built commercial record cleaning equipment. Our PVF by Mail service enables safe and convenient service to clients world wide. Regardless of the home cleaning process you use today, our Archival 3.0 will reveal more details, more realism, lower noise floor and a more satisfying listening experience from all of your records - vintage unobtanium and new, modern pressings alike.

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Come to our listening room and hear back-to-back comparisons of identical records. The first will be a new record then the second play will be the same record cleaned with our Archival 3.0 cleaning process. You'll hear, in real-time, the immediate improvements in sound quality our professional record cleaning service will bring to your collection. Place PVF by Mail orders at the show and the mailer will be delivered to your home in 5-7 days. Perfecting your vinyl couldn't be easier!
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