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With over 45 years at the forefront of High-End Loudspeaker engineering, Von Schweikert Audio handcrafts state-of-the-art, heirloom products in the U.S.A. which allow you to experience live performances by your favorite musical artists in the comfort of your home. Built to order and often accommodating owner requested exotic finishes, each reference grade loudspeaker we craft is a fusion of aesthetic beauty and state-of-the-art engineering that delivers The Sound of Reality for our discerning clientele.

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Von Schweikert Audio will present our newest addition to our flagship line of reference loudspeakers, the ULTRA 7. As an ULTRA design, it shares all the sonic and structural DNA of our other ULTRA reference loudspeakers in a configuration that hopefully will be the "sweet spot" for some audiophiles in performance, aesthetics and ultimately budget. The ULTRA 7 incorporates Our proprietary network topologies of Global Axis Integration Network and Acoustic Inverse Replication which deliver our signature driver integration, holographic imaging, tonal accuracy and overall our award wining performance. What we call, The Sound of Reality. Also included in the SEVEN is our ULTRA line of exotic drivers, version 2.0 Aktive Cabinet Vibration Control, our revolutionary and purely analog Room Adjustment Control Suite. This allows far greater ability to achieve flat response even in the most trying room environments while remaining 100% analog. Lastly, the ULTRA 7 incorporates time alignment, phase consistency, and adjustable bi-polar sound radiation pattern for room-filling sound. The ULTRA 7 design achieve full-range response from 18Hz to 60kHz with 94 dB sensitivity @ 1w/1m.
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