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WADAX has been improving D/A technology and performance for the last 10 years: lowering the noise floor, increasing temporal and detail resolution, reducing the ‘footprint’ left by digital artefacts in the recording. The result has brought digital playback closer to live performance than ever before. Fed back into our Fundamental Research Program, these performance improvements have revealed that, once the noise and error levels across the circuit blocks are reduced below a certain point - and in reaching that point, the original Atlantis DAC already surpasses all of the competition - the human auditory system becomes capable of far higher resolution, allowing us to perceive clocking errors, PSU interference and the effects of mechanical vibration that were always present but previously masked. The Atlantis REFERENCE DAC is our response to these findings, with lower levels of clock noise and significant improvements in PSU and mechanical isolation. The result is a masterpiece. The result is the most accurate and most musically satisfying DAC ever designed.
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