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Ideon Audio's goal is to connect the listener with the musical event, and to develop devices which gives the listener a visceral experience and to inspire excitement and emotions in the listener, converting the sound into a total musical experience. To this end, we use a number of tools: state-of-the-art innovative proprietary technology, the highest audiophile-grade components, our decades of experience in digital audio and as audiophiles, our shared passion for music, our experience of live music at various venues. All Ideon Audio components are designed and handcrafted in Greece. Our offerings are the result of proprietary in-house designs. Ideon Audio is devoted to designing and building high performance music reproduction devices. with a musical analogue sound that is of organic, dynamic contrast and fast tran- sients, and wide bandwidth sound with an abundance of low-level detail, and a ultra-low noise floor. And all our components are backed by a 7 year warranty.

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