Exhibitor Giveaways, Special Events and Demos...

There’s so much to see and hear at AXPONA 2022!

Below is just a sample of the special events, giveaways, and demos exhibitors have planned.

  • AGD Productions, Inc.

    The products AGD is presenting this year at AXPONA are the AGD signature Vivace, Gran Vivace, and AUDION Monoblocks, Hi-End Power Amplifiers, using the GaNTube technology, with Gallium Nitride Power-Stage integrated in a Glass Tube, and the Andante Pre-Dac. AGD will also present its newest product, the AGD “Tempo di GaN”, AGD’s first 200+200W compact stereo amplifier with a new modular GaN based power stage design. All the AGD creations combine a unique blend of avant-garde industrial design with leading-edge power electronics into unique Hi-End Audio amplifiers that deliver a sublime and realistic audio reproduction never experienced before. As all reviewers and sound experts have discovered and point out so far, AGD products are disruptive in the field of Hi-End Audio. One example for all: it only took a few seconds to Allen Sides, multi-Grammy-awarded sound engineer, to admit with delight that his studio-recorded music had finally found the perfect way to be listened. His speakers OWA Eureka will, in fact, pair AGD amplifiers in the show. Read the reviews in AGD website http://agdproduction.com !
  • Alta Audio

    Room 1429 will be exhibiting a head to head reel to reel compared to CD master challenge. MoJo Audio will provide the CD player and D/A, Roger's Hi Fi will bring the reel to reel, and their fine tube amplification, played over the new Alta Audio Adam Speakers.

    20% off show sale
  • Analysis Plus

    Just for AXPONA attendees: Visitors to the Analysis Plus booth #9316 should ask for their Special Discount Card, which can be used when ordering through the Home Audio Store on our website.
  • Aretai

    You are very welcome to listen to Aretai speakers at room 1515! The hi-res streaming service will be available, so have the name of your very special song to be played ready. And don't forget taking a chance to win a superb DAC from our show partner Benchmark Media Systems!
  • Audio Intellect

    During axpona we will be offering promotional pricing on the Aeon music server
  • Audio Note

    The event is hosted by: Vincent Belanger - The Audio Note (UK) Musical Ambassador. Mike Kay - Audio Archon - Chicago area Audio Note (UK) dealer. Adrian Ford-Crush - Sales Executive, Audio Note (UK).
  • AV RoomService, Ltd.

    Attendees can receive a discount code at our booth for ordering products through our online store.
  • Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.

    Take a chance to win a superb DAC from Benchmark Media Systems.
  • Bending Wave USA

    We will be showing the Wadax Reference Digital DAC and Server along with the Göbel Speakers at Axpona
  • Butcher Block Acoustics

    We'll be showcasing these exciting NEW PRODUCTS: • rigidrack® Speaker Stands • Double B Isolation Platforms • Hardwood Bookshelf Speaker Platforms • Iso-Band Compression Spring Footers • Cherry Audio Platforms • Midnite Series Maple Audio Platforms - Black • Midnite Series Maple Amp Stands - Black • Midnite Series rigidrack® - Black • Use Code: AXPONA2022 for 10% Discount on your order Daily Giveaway! (1) 19" x 16" x 1½" Maple Platform with Threaded Brass Inserts and Iso-Bands - Visit our booth to obtain a raffle ticket. We will draw one lucky winner at 3pm everyday!
  • Darlington Labs

    Introducing our SU-7 LOMC Active Step-Up stage to the public at AXPONA 2022. Come visit our booth to meet the designer and audition our entire lineup.
  • Essential Sound Products

    Power Cord give-away sign-in at our exhibit room.
  • Etymotic Research

    With Lucid Audio bringing Westone Audio and Etymotic together under one roof, innovation and collaboration has taken center stage. Etymotic started things off last year with the introduction of its first multi-driver IEM in its 30-year history when they launched the EVO. At AXPONA, Etymotic is offering the EVO with the Estron Super BaX, Ultra Bax, or Etymotion Bluetooth cable in a bundle. Lucid Audio quickly followed the EVO launch with the release of the Westone Audio PRO X line is favored by professional musicians and Audiophiles alike. Check out the special pricing at AXPONA for great discounts and special deals. Visit our booth to take a listen and take advantage of exclusive show discounts on EVO bundles or the PRO X line.
  • Fidelice by Rupert Neve Designs

    In collaboration with Rosson Audio Design, Rupert Neve Designs is proud to announce RAD X RND: a limited edition bundle containing a pair of Rosson Audio’s custom RND-0 headphones, the Fidelice® Precision Digital-To-Analog Converter, and a custom ALO balanced headphone cable. Visit https://fidelice.com/shop/rad-x-rnd
  • Fidelis Distribution, LLC

    In addition to Harbeth and Neat Loudspeakers, come in and hear the following award winning companies that are MAKING THEIR USA DEBUT at AXPONA 2022! Lab12 Tube Electronics, Audio Analogue Solid State Electronics and Heretic Loudspeakers from Canada.
  • GrooveWasher

    Use promo code AXPONA10 for 10% off your order on our website groovewasher.com
  • GTT Audio

    We are the US Distributor and Flagship Boutique for Audionet, Kronos Audio, Mola Mola with all the products each manufacture produces on the floor for audition.
  • Infigo Audio Inc.

    Special Axpona Promotion: Offering a free set Infigo Audio Signature cables with the purchase of the Method 3 amplifier or Method 4 DAC. The Signature cables are specifically designed with the Method amplification system insuring the ultimate in synergistic performance.
  • iSonic (ultrasonic record cleaners)

    Save $100 on a 10-record ultrasonic cleaner at the show.
  • JansZen Audio

    We plan on also demonstrating the BACCH 3D sound system, which gains extra realism thanks to the directivity and clarity of the Valentina A8 when set into its you-are-there mode. Its creator, Dr. Edgar Choueiri, will be present to explore its attributes and answer questions.
  • Jerry Harvey Audio

    Show Specials, Universal IEM Giveaway, and Free Swag.
  • Keith Monks Audio

    WORLD EXCLUSIVE ! First ever audio show showcasing new, super easy Prodigy Plus record / CD cleaner in natural bamboo. WORLDWIDE LAUNCH ! New Prodigy Galileo: latest Deluxe SuperSilent model bamboo record / CD cleaner finished in white. EXCLUSIVE SHOW OFFERS ! Customers: - Beta discounts on first production Plus and Galileo. High End Audio Dealers: - Special Plus and Galileo package offers for both new and existing KM dealers. Record and Audio Stores: - Special machine + fluids package offers: set up your own in-store customer DIY record cleaning service - it's easy, fun, and really quiet !
  • Kirmuss Audio

    Vist us in the Masterclass Theatre on Saturday at 1 PM and Sunday at noon. (check for times at the show). Discover for yourself how records are made and review various cleaning methods. Learn about ultrasonic technology and how to test and see for yourself what is an ultrasonic bubbler and also how to test the efficiency of cavitation generated by any ultrasonic cleaner by building an aluminum foil test record. A session not to be missed. Ample time for questions and answers. Celebrating our 4th year, Masterclass attendees will be registered for a draw for one KirmussAudio KA-RC-1 record restoration system. One entry per registered show visitor. Need not be present to win.
  • Klipsch

    We will be showcasing our 75th anniversary Jubilee speakers. The Klipsch Jubilee is the new flagship speaker of the Klipsch Heritage series. Witness the magnificent presence and power of the live music experience at home like never before. Founder Paul W. Klipsch always dreamed of creating a fully horn-loaded two-way speaker that would outperform even the mighty Klipschorn®. Twenty-first century advancements in engineering and technology have led us to create this future legend.

    Mon Acoustic is looking to connect with many dealers for wonderful products to please US audiences. We are offering best terms for our initial debut in the US market.
  • Monitor Audio, Ltd

    Come on in and see the 7th edition of our award winning Silver Series Loudspeakers.
  • LINKWITZ - EarFood GmbH

    The demoed LX521 system incl. PowerBoxes is for sale after AXPONA. On a first-come-first-serve basis. Contact us via email, info@LINKWITZ.com

    SPECIAL AXPONA OFFER: Ask about deals on the LX521 turnkey loudspeaker systems on display. Come to room 725 to find out more.

  • ModWright Instruments, Inc.

    Demo Deals will be available after the show. ROOM 566

    20% off show sale
  • Mytek

    Inquire about Show Special
  • Perfect Bit

    Will also be showing AV RoomService acoustical equipment vibration protectors and other room acoustic products.
  • Perfect Vinyl Forever LLC

    Come to our listening room and hear back-to-back comparisons of identical records. The first will be a new record then the second play will be the same record cleaned with our Archival 3.0 cleaning process. You'll hear, in real-time, the immediate improvements in sound quality our professional record cleaning service will bring to your collection. Place PVF by Mail orders at the show and the mailer will be delivered to your home in 5-7 days. Perfecting your vinyl couldn't be easier!
  • Prosocoustic

    Sign in at the booth for 10% off your next Prosocoustic order! Prism Sound Callia 10% off through April 30, 2022!
  • PSB Speakers

    Come in and experience our new flagship Synchrony Series consisting of the T600 Tower Speakers (US$7,999/pair MSRP), and the B600 Bookshelf Speakers (US$2,499/pair MSRP).
  • Qobuz

    Qobuz Flash DJ sessions Friday 11:00 am ACORA, Nirvana A Friday 2:00 PM AGD, RM 722 Friday 5:00 PM Von Schweikert, Euphoria Saturday 11:00 AM, Bending Wave, 15th FLClub Rm Saturday 1:00 PM DynAudio, Utopia D Saturday 3:00 PM, Innuos, RM 608-610 Saturday 5:00 PM Bryston, Eggelston, RM 1418
  • Quintessence Audio

    Listening Sessions of Patricia Barber's Clique!
    Join Jim and Ulrike Anderseon of Anderson Audio NY for a special listening session hosted by Quintessence Audio in the Knowledge Room, 1st Floor.

    Friday, April 21, 2022: 4:00 PM
    Saturday, April 22, 2022: 12:00 PM

  • Roger's high Fidelity

    Reel to reel shootout compared to CD.
  • Sanctus Cable

    We are offering our new multi power strips, Zeus series in the US in 110V-120V. Inquire us about your dealership opportunity with limited time incentives.
  • Saturday Audio Exchange

    Help us celebrate our 40th birthday at AXPONA where we will be having one of the largest prize drawings ever in Axpona history! Be sure to stop into one of our four display rooms for details. On the First Floor: GoldenEar Loudspeakers and Parasound Electronics will be in the Inspiration Room NAD Electronics, PSB Loudspeakers, and Bluesound High Resolution Multiroom Streaming will be in Innovation Room, right next door. On the Third Floor: Monitor Audio Loudspeakers and Roksan Electronics will be in Room 304 Paradigm Loudspeakers (Happy 40th Anniversary to them as well) and Anthem Electronics will be in Room 384
  • SOTA Turntables

    SOTA will be debuting the new Quasar turntable which features our Eclipse electronics package and RB 330 tonearm. Also new into our product line is a Linear Power Supply for all Eclipse owners.
  • Source Systems Ltd.

    Enter a drawing in room 726 to win a Lumin Music M1, streaming audio integrated amplifier.
  • Speaker Physics, USA

    Following inquiries are welcome: Pre order at discount Dealership territories Special application request Investigators opportunities Partnership and carriers
  • Swan Song Audio

    We have partnered with a Cherokee woman's group to develop a padded headphone bag. We will be giving away the bag on Saturday. Just stop by and leave your phone number so we can text you.
  • TigerFox

    FREE SHIPPING on TigerFox Immerse 360 orders placed during the AXPONA show dates at: TigerFox360.com (Restricted to Continental US delivery orders only). Limited supply!

  • Upscale Audio

    Join us for the North American launch of the flagship amp, Envy, from Feliks Audio!
  • Upscale Distribution

    Join us for the North American launch of Cabasse! Listen to the incomparable, The Pearl Pelegina! A complete system with all electronics housed within the speakers, The Pearl Pelegrina is redefining the look of high-end while elevating performance to new heights. Other Cabasse products will be on display. We'll also be showcasing popular products from PrimaLuna (including the highly anticipated EVO 300 Hybrid Integrated), Feliks Audio, Pathos Acoustics, Sbooster, Tannoy, and Kiseki. Dealer inquiries welcome.
  • VAC / Valve Amplification Company

    Friday and Saturday nights Acora Acoustics will be hosting two after hours events in Nirvana A: From 5:30 to 7:00 Anne Bisson will be performing live, with the Acora system as her backup, At 8:00, join us for the the Legendary United Home Audio After Hours Analog Tape Event with Greg Beron. the show beings at 8:00 PM and goes till.... whenever. All seating is 1st come / 1st served so get there early!

    10% off Vanatoo speakers purchased with the coupon code form the show, Coupons available at our exhibit, Room 490!
  • Verdant Audio

    Starting April 22nd through the April 30, we will be offering a 5% discount on select products with the code AXPONA2022
  • Von Schweikert Audio

    Von Schweikert Audio will present our newest addition to our flagship line of reference loudspeakers, the ULTRA 7. As an ULTRA design, it shares all the sonic and structural DNA of our other ULTRA reference loudspeakers in a configuration that hopefully will be the "sweet spot" for some audiophiles in performance, aesthetics and ultimately budget. The ULTRA 7 incorporates Our proprietary network topologies of Global Axis Integration Network and Acoustic Inverse Replication which deliver our signature driver integration, holographic imaging, tonal accuracy and overall our award wining performance. What we call, The Sound of Reality. Also included in the SEVEN is our ULTRA line of exotic drivers, version 2.0 Aktive Cabinet Vibration Control, our revolutionary and purely analog Room Adjustment Control Suite. This allows far greater ability to achieve flat response even in the most trying room environments while remaining 100% analog. Lastly, the ULTRA 7 incorporates time alignment, phase consistency, and adjustable bi-polar sound radiation pattern for room-filling sound. The ULTRA 7 design achieve full-range response from 18Hz to 60kHz with 94 dB sensitivity @ 1w/1m.
  • WallyTools Analog Setup Tools

    MasterClass seminars: 4pm Friday and Saturday
  • Woo Audio

    Visitors of our showroom can enjoy 10% OFF on regularly priced Woo Audio branded products over $1000. Order on our website and use coupon code (10%axpona2022) to receive the special discount. Coupon code will be active for the duration of the show and ends at midnight on Monday, the 25th.
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